andrill: antarctic geological drilling

Classroom Materials

Environmental Literacy Framework with a Focus on Climate Change (ELF)

ELF is comprised of materials that are intended to promote an extended conceptual framework for environmental literacy that covers the major Earth systems: atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and biosphere. Each of these comprises an environmental literacy science unit; a fifth unit, Energy, provides unifying concepts that capture the dynamic nature of the Earth systems.


Antarctica Climate Secrets (‘Flexhibit’)

The "Flexhibit" is a set of hands-on learning activities, museum-quality banners, and video podcasts for after-school groups or classes. Groups can complete the learning activities in approximately 10 sessions, then use the materials and models to host a public science event - a "flexible exhibit" that features ANDRILL. Five banners introduce the projects themes, building knowledge about Antarctica and how and why ANDRILL conducts geologic research there. The learning activities feature physical models that illustrate geologic concepts plus a range of maps and photographs of Antarctica.


ANDRILL education materials are based on work supported by an Environmental Literacy Grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Education and prior work supported by the National Science Foundation.