ANDRILL: ANtarctic geological DRILLing
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News from the Field
Susan Kelly, WISSARD Outreach Coordinator,travels with a large group of scientists, engineers and support staff to the Ross Ice Shelf. In her blog she shares the scientific discoverie, and perhaps most importantly the process of science ... >> Learn more.
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Science Roadshow Blog
Betty Trummel shares her experience as education and outreach and research assistantin Antarctica during theĀ  Cape Roberts (1998), ANDRILL (2006), and WISSARD (2010-present), and other projects ... >> Learn more.
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Penguin Science Blog
In this blog researcher Jean Pennycook shares her findings about Antarctic penguin response to the climate and ecosystem change ... >> Learn more.
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ANDRILL Coulman High Blog
The team share share their experience during the initial exploration phase of ANDRILL's most exciting and challenging project yet ... >> Learn more.
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